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Currently Not Collectible

Do you have negligible assets subject to levy by the IRS, and no income beyond that? Which we all know is absolutely necessary to cover all of your living expenses? At Internal Tax Resolution we are your tax advocates and will assign you with a tax attorney that understands just how delayed collection works. We are knowledgable on all IRS policies that can state, whenever the taxpayer raises a question of awareness by creating reasonable doubt of the validity of an assessment "reasonable forbearance" can be exercised.

Some Reasons the IRS Can Close Your Case as Uncollectible: 

  • Undue Hardship Unable to Meet Living Expenses

  • Inability to Locate or Contact Taxpayer

  • Death of a Taxpayer with No Significant Estate

  • Bankruptcy or no Remaining Assets

  • Accounts with Military Personnel in a Combat Zone

Stop Collection of the IRS

Our tax attorneys will do what they can for you in order to stop the collection of the IRS. However, keep in mind that if the IRS does not close your case as "currently non collectible, then your debt will increase along with interest and penalties that will accrue. 


Once the IRS has marked you as CNC, Currently Not Collectible or "uncollectible" they will suspend all collection activity. In order to start the process of Currently not Collectible then you need to give one of our 43 local offices a call today! We offer nationwide services as our tax attorneys are licensed in all 50 states!  

Get Started Today!

In order to get started you need to file the proper paperwork. You can locate some required IRS forms on our website under the Resources tab for IRS forms and fill out a Collection Information Statement for Forms 433-A, Form-B or Form 433-F in order for the IRS to review all of your finances in order to declare the undue hardship. In some cases depending on how you earn a living will determine which form you need to fill out. Don't worry our tax consultants are standing by to walk you through all of this! 

Millions of Americans have remained CNC for many years and have completely avoided having to pay back their tax debts. There is still hope for you to enjoy a relatively comfortable lifestyle once again! 

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