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Tax Attorneys

Not all attorneys or lawyers are qualified to handle tax problems. The tax attorneys with Internal Tax Resolution are not only experienced but have an exceptional track record, plus they are licensed in all 50 states! Our tax attorneys provide value because they have developed the feel of what the IRS will accept and are familiar with the Offer in Compromise procedures. This comes with years of experience and expertise! Don't think that you cannot afford our fees either, we are willing to work with your budget and offer 0% financing until your tax debt is paid in full! Our tax attorneys will discuss all options available to you! Beware of those firms that mention "pennies on the dollar" this is most likely a gimmick to get you in the door. Our tax attorney rates are fair and just, and will be well worth it when we save you money in the long run. So give our team a call today to get started with our Free Consultations! 

Key Questions When Hiring a Tax Attorney Firm

  • How many years has the firm been in business?  Internal Tax Resolution (ITR): Since 2010

  • Does the firm discuss all options available to the taxpayer for a resolution? ITR: Yes, with Free Advice

  • Has the firm been designated as a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist? ITR: Yes

  • Is the firm certified & licensed to practice in multiple states? ITR: Yes, we are National

  • What is the firms credit rating with the Better Business Bureau? ITR: A+ Rating

  • Has the firm successfully settled 100 or more Offer in Compromise cases? ITR: Yes, 2000+  

Tax Attorneys & Tax Professionals

You are more than welcome to choose from three other types of tax professionals to represent you for a tax resolution. Such as, a Certified Public Accountant, Enrolled Agent, Tax Attorney or Tax Lawyer. At Internal Tax Resolution we offer all three options available to you. When you call our office and speak to a tax consultant, they will direct you with your best option that best suites your case and your tax problem. We are proud to say that we have the same team since 2010, and we are consistently growing to adhere to the ever changing laws of the IRS. Our team of tax attorneys are solid, and true to their profession with strong negotiating skills to assist any tax issue you may be experiencing. Solving an IRS case involves day-to-day paperwork dealings and requires the expertise to manage the frustration of the IRS protocols as well be able to harbor "top-notch" negotiating skills, we are proud to say our tax attorneys have what it takes to take on your tax problem. Most cases are solved outside of the courtroom, and your presence is most likely not even needed. However, the admin work and legwork that goes into solving your case can be lengthy, and time-consuming so please be patient as we are at the mercy of the IRS, as we do know time is of the essence for all taxpayers especially for any owed back taxes. You are in the best of hands for your tax resolution and we are understanding and here to help you get back on track! Give our team a call today to get started with a tax attorney assigned to you and your specific tax case! 

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