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Offer in Compromise

The main goal of the Offer in Compromise (OIC) is to solve the taxpayer's tax debts owed to the IRS. Most taxpayers do not have the ability to pay their tax debt outright in a lump sum, so most tax attorneys will like explore all options in any tax debt situation. One of the 10 options available to taxpayers in order to resolve a tax problem is the Offer in Compromise (OIC). Keep in mind that our tax attorneys at Internal Tax Resolution can assist you with this settlement offer to the IRS and in some cases offer two or more options depending on which tax debt is owed. The main objective of our tax attorney team is to settle your debt for the lowest amount allowed by law. Give one of our 43 local offices a call today to get started! We offer Free Consultations!

Which Option is Best For Your Tax Problem? 

  • Offer in Compromise

  • Fully pay the tax owed

  • File unfiled returns to replace Substitute for Returns (SFR's)

  • Dispute the tax on technical grounds

  • Currently Not Collectable

  • Installment Agreements

  • Penalty Abatement

  • Discharging taxes in bankruptcy

  • Innocent Spouse

  • Expiration of the Collection Statute

How the Offer in Compromise Works

The IRS Offer in Compromise program provides taxpayers who owe the IRS more that they could ever afford to pay on their own. This program is an opportunity to pay back a small amount as a full and final settlement. Our tax attorneys will assist with helping you reduce your tax debt owed and apply this program to as a tax relief or tax resolution to your tax debt. The OIC program also allows taxpayers who do not agree that they owe the tax or feel that the tax has been incorrectly calculated, a chance to file an Offer in Compromise and have their tax debt forgiven and reconsidered. 


This program offers taxpayers a fresh start with all back tax liabilities settled within the Offer in Compromise. All federal tax liens are released upon IRS acceptance of an Offer in Compromise along with payment of the amount offered. Taxpayers can compromise all types of IRS taxes, penalties and interest, this includes payroll taxes. If the taxpayer qualifies for the Offer in Compromise program, they will be able to save thousands of dollars in taxes, penalties, as well as interest. Give our tax attorneys a call today at one of our 43 local offices across the U.S. to assist you. Most Offer in Compromise programs that are done with an attorney are less than going about it on your own. Call us today for a Free Consultation!

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