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We strive on making a difference in people's lives for the better! These testimonials are unaltered, and are from real customers that wanted to share their experience to help other people in need of tax help!

Simon Cox

Extremely Helpful!

"I had some pressing tax questions regarding a tax penalty, I called up Internal Tax, much to my amazement they were extremely helpful and did not charge a penny to steer me in the right direction. They did not try to push me towards using their service, instead they kindly talked to me for 15 minutes about the best action I could take and even gave me advice on doing it myself to save cost as my solution was more simple than I thought. These guys are very knowledgeable and helpful, they were more concerned about giving me the advice I needed then any attorney I have spoken to, all at no cost. If you are looking for a straight up expert Attorney to help direct you towards the tax solution right for you I would strongly recommend you call Internal Tax Thanks so much!"

Ann P.

Very Helpful

"Called in today and spoke with Jerry in the office. I am helping a friend who is permanently disabled and has Federal back taxes. He is insolvent, has no assets, and has not worked for 2 years. After a little research of my own, I wasn’t sure how to go about a CNC designation from the IRS to remove the debt. Jerry was very helpful and knowledgeable about this as he explained the process, step-by-step, that I needed to take and he did this for no fee. Thanks Jerry!"

Marcus Williams

Wonderful Experience

"I had a wonderful experience with the staff at Internal Tax Resolution here in Houston. I had trouble dealing with the IRS about my tax return for over 2 years. They gave me excuse after excuse about how they were working on my case and that it would be resolved in 45 days or less. After two years of dealing with the IRS I contacted Internal Tax Resolution and they worked on my case right away. I was provided with a personal case worker that updated me weekly about the status of my return. In less than a month I recieved my past two years tax returns with interest. I would refer Internal Tax Resolutions to anyone that has issues with the IRS. Thank you Internal Tax Resolution!"

Sal and Sharon Rodriguez

Very Pleased

"I simply wanted to write today to let you, and all of the staff at Internal Tax and Resolution know how very pleased we are with the service we received from our assigned tax attorney. We recently received the offer from the IRS to settle our tax debt of over 45,000.00 for 4,000.00. This greatly exceeded our expectations.
Throughout this process, our attorney has been completely accessible to us anytime we needed to communicate with him. He kept us completely informed of each step in the process. In years past, we had tried other services such as JK Harris Co. (they did not resolve this), and sought advice from an ex-IRS agent here in town who also has his own tax resolution service. He told us he felt we would probably be looking at an offer in compromise of about 20,000.00!!
The attorney we had in our recent chapter 13 case advised us that we would probably be looking at a surrender of our home as part of a settlement. So as you can see, to finally get someone who is so completely knowledgeable of the process and able to finally end this nightmare is a gift from God.
Please convey our gratitude for the great service provided to us in this case to our attorney and to your staff."

Dianne K.

Put Me At Ease

"I heard many horror stories about people getting ripped off by so called tax companies, so I had a lot of concerns, but I had several years of back tax issues that I needed to have addressed. I called a few companies to find out who I wanted to work with and the reason I chose to go with Internal Tax Resolution was because of my tax consultant. He was the one who responded to my initial phone calls and spent a LOT of time patiently listening to the details of my situation and willingly providing information to my endless questions. He did so with sensitivity and humor, which eased an otherwise difficult situation for me. The support he provided me was greatly appreciated.
After I signed on with Internal Tax Resolution, my case was passed on to my assigned attorney, who contacted me immediately. She put me at ease with her wonderful and caring demeanor. She was efficient and her communication with me was impeccable, keeping me informed along the way, answering any questions with her extended knowledge, explaining terms that I was not familiar with. My back tax issues were all resolved, much quicker than anticipated, and because of this, they did not charge me further – their honesty in dealing with me is something that I will not forget. Even my last email to the accounting department to close off my case, was super friendly.
My back tax issues were not something I was looking forward to doing – quite the contrary – but working with the folks at Internal Tax Resolution made this process easy for me with great results! I wanted to write this review because if you have any back tax issues that need to be addressed, I would highly recommend working with these competent and caring people."

Michelle Glowala RN


"I avoided my taxes for a few years due to critical illness and subsequent depression. This was not normal for me. I had never avoided doing my taxes my entire work life. I am 51 years of age..
The longer I delayed dealing with my taxes, the more I worried about it but I still felt it was too intimidating to deal with the IRS personally When I did call the IRS, I was put into a maze of voice mail choices. There was no real way for me to talk to a real person so that was very frustrating..I put off dealing with my taxes and the IRS for 3 years. I was now at risk of having a levy placed on my pay check and/or equity in my home or pension investments.
MY experience with Internal Tax Resolution and the attorney assigned specifically to handle my case has been phenomenal. From the onset, the attorney assigned to my case was in frequent contact with me to keep me abreast of any new developments/options or paperwork required for me to turn in. She kept me advised of my options and what the IRS was communicating to her about my case.
My attorney provided exceptional customer service and support to me. She helped in alleviating my fears but did not give me false promises. She advised me of my options and the pro’s and con’s of all of them. She did not force me into selecting any one option I was not in agreement with.
She was calm, reassuring and educated me every step along the way. She told me what we had to do to deal with my situation relative to my Tax evasion and owing of monies from the start and ongoing. She talked to me in real language- not “legal-ease” or terminology the IRS sent me in the mail which was very difficult to interpret even though I am University Educated.
I was afraid and did not know which company or lawyer to turn to to help me with this mess I created on my own. A co-worker heard advertising on the radio about Internal Tax and she strongly encouraged me to give them a call. Looking on their website I saw they had 2 stamps of approval from the BBB- Better Business Bureau. My mind was set at ease and I immediately started the process.
Don’t wait 3 years like I did due to fear and embarrassment. The tax problems do not go away- they only escalate along with the personal fear, embarrassment, shame and stress from avoidance. I am so relieved that I enlisted the help of Internal Tax Resolution and I would recommend it to anybody who is experiencing tax related issues. I am a thoroughly satisfied customer. They lifted the terrible stress from me having to deal personally with the IRS and advocated for the best options for me and my individual tax related issues.
Most of all, the staff never made me feel inept for getting myself into the tax situation. I felt through their communications with me that they indeed were a professional and ethical company with true integrity and care and concern for the customer.
A very satisfied and relieved customer!"


Really Grateful

"I had a tax issue and took advantage of the free consultation. While it was not directly related to income taxes, the gentleman I spoke to was incredibly helpful and pointed me in the right direction. I am really grateful for his help." 7/7/2015

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