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Wage Garnishment Relief

Are you suffering from your wages being garnished from the IRS?  You are not alone! Internal Tax Resolution can help you quickly! We are real IRS tax attorneys who will take a serious investigation of every potential option you may have to stop the IRS from seizing your assets, and to decrease or eliminate your IRS debt for good. Our IRS tax attorneys will guide you every step of the way.  If you have a mortgage or rent, plus a car payment and children in school – No problem! We offer affordable, flat monthly fees, to fit anyone’s budget! Give us a call today to get started with our Free Consultations! Our tax attorneys are standing by and one will be assigned to your case promptly to provide you fast wage garnishment relief! 

How to Stop IRS Wage Garnishments

  • Pay off tax debt in full

  • Set up payment plan option

  • Negotiate an Offer in Compromise

  • Declare hardship

  • Declare bankruptcy

  • Work with a tax professional... such as Internal Tax Resolution!

Stop IRS Wage Garnishments

The IRS wage garnishment punishment tactic is a very powerful tool used to collect taxes owed through your employer. Once an IRS wage garnishment is filed with your employer, the employer is required to collect a large percentage from each paycheck. It's important to stop IRS wage garnishments because once they begin, your paycheck that would have been paid to you, is now being paid to the IRS. The wage garnishment will stay in effect until the IRS is fully paid or until you hire a tax professional, such as Internal Tax Resolution to stop the IRS wage garnishments and request the IRS to release the garnishment in effect.  If you cannot pay back the tax debt owed due to financial hardship, you will need to file an Offer in Compromise (OIC) which in turn will also reduce the amount you owe. Keep in mind that most Offer in Compromises (OIC's) get rejected by the taxpayer, in order to be sure that your requested Offer in Compromise will not get rejected, give our tax attorneys a call today in order to stop those IRS wage garnishments once and for all! It's no longer a matter of "what if" a tax levy or wage garnishment will cause a financial hardship, it is a fact that it certainly will! So don't wait and suffer any longer, give our tax professionals a call today to get started on your financial freedom! 

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