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Tax Consultants

At Internal Tax Resolution we employ professional, certified tax consultants that are well versed in the tax law industry in order to assign you with the proper tax professional for your tax problem. Most times our tax attorneys are tied up with legalities, and tax resolutions with the IRS. So by working with our tax consultants you will now have 2 people to assist you with your tax issue, and ensure quality and fast relief. Our tax consultants are full-service tax resolution specialists, that are reputable and can advise you accordingly. Our professional tax consultants are basically like your tax and financial advisors, that will be able to assist you, and your assigned tax attorney with requested paperwork, and of course with our no obligation free consultation! Also, our tax consultants are able to lend an ear, along with empathy and emotional support and peace of mind for a tax resolution! There is hope! Give us a call today! 

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  • Speak with our tax consultants about your Federal or State tax debt problem

  • Speak privately from the comfort of your own home with all your paperwork at hand

  • Determine a schedule of payments for our services that fit into your monthly budget

  • Ask about our discount when you pay in a lump sum

  • Let our tax consultants help you resolve that back tax problem today

Professional Tax Consultant

If you are suffering from back tax debt, wage garnishments, tax levy or tax liens and not sure where to turn, give our professional tax consultants a call today! They will assist you with your tax problem swiftly and professionally. Our professional tax consultants will provide you with the peace of mind you are seeking, and be able to answer all of your questions and concerns, since they are educated and experienced to resolve tax problems! Each IRS tax case is unique to each taxpayer and our professional tax consultants are geared up, and passionate about helping taxpayers like you get out of tax debt against the IRS or state officials.  Each one of our professional tax consultants will analyze your tax problem, and provide you with either free advice, or get you signed up with our tax firm with an assigned tax attorney, that will take on your tax case, and provide you with a tax resolution for reduced tax debt. With 43 office locations, we have you covered for local tax attorneys! Our professional tax consultants will provide the proper explanation, financial planning, newest trends, and techniques on providing the fastest tax relief to get out of tax debt today! Give us a call to get started! 

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