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Innocent Spouse Relief

Did you find yourself in trouble with the IRS because of your spouse or ex-spouse's actions or lack of actions? The IRS does realize that these situations can in fact occur. The IRS has set up guidelines where a person may qualify as an innocent spouse. This means that is a taxpayer can prove they fit into such guidelines, then they will not be subjected to the taxes incurred by their spouses or ex-spouses. The innocent spouse rules continue to evolve and is an area which requires ongoing education and research of current laws and tax policies. That is why our tax attorneys at Internal Tax Resolution can assist you easily with this defense settlement. Give our office a call today to hear more about your options! Innocent spouse claims are usually factual in nature and it is up to the tax attorney to prove to the IRS that the taxpayer is entitled to innocent spouse treatment. Call us for your Free Consultation today!

Innocent Spouse Rules

  • A married couple may elect to file a joint tax return even if one spouse has no income 

  • One consequence of filing a joint return is that each spouse is jointly and severally liable for the tax due

  • Congress recognized it can be inequitable to impose a tax liability on a spouse who lacks knowledge of the activity on the joint return which has caused the understatement of tax

  • Spouses can always file married separate tax returns - this is something that should be considered in cases where the taxes cannot be paid

  • The IRS is required to send a notice regarding a joint return to each spouse who filed the return

  • There are 3 sources of relief to spouses and former spouses facing joint and several liability tax problems

  • Give our office a call today to discuss such sources

Innocent Spouse Defense

The most difficult hurdle of the Innocent Spouse Defense settlement is meeting the basic requirements, and proving a lack of knowledge or reason to know to the IRS. Our tax attorneys work hard to prove your innocence in this matter and are standing by one of our 43 local offices across the U.S. to help you in your time of need. There is hope still an innocent spouse can be relieved of liability for the couple's joint tax, penalties, and interest, if certain conditions are met. We will go over these with you when you give us a call today for your Free Consultation!

Failure to prove all of these conditions or make the proper election will result in the denial of the innocent spouse defense. Our tax attorneys know the ins and outs of these conditions required and take into consideration all of the facts and circumstances and know that it is inequitable to hold the innocent spouse liable for the joint tax owed. Give our team a call today to discuss your settlement options and receive the defense you need and deserve! 

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