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Do You Have Tax Trouble in Lexington, Kentucky!

We can provide tax trouble relief Lexington from our tax attorneys by providing back tax help with programs and tips to get back on your feet again and onto the road to recovery.  If you reside in Lexington, KY and feel that you have nowhere to turn for tax trouble help… think again! Our staff consists of a professional group of tax relief attorneys at Internal Tax Resolution of Kentucky and will be able to provide the back tax relief you have been searching for.  Stop those wage garnishments, liens or tax levies today with the help of our experienced IRS tax attorneys and tax consultants! Other tax attorneys or tax firms in Lexington, KY may not even scratch the surface of your tax debt problem and this could lead to more penalties and fees in the long run. Our customers are top priority when it comes to resolving any back tax problem and you will see that from your very first phone call.

No Obligation, Free Consultation!

Go ahead and search around, ask other IRS tax consulting firms what they will be able to do for you regarding your back tax help.  You will call us back; because we provide free tax advice to you with a resolution plan that will work best for you! We won’t use jargon, or over-your-head tax talk that sounds confusing, or try to sell you something you don't need with high pressure sales tactics.  Our fees are not based on what you owe, or your income, unlike other companies.  We also offer a lump sum discount plan, where you can save money!

So let’s wake up that procrastination bone in you, and get you the help you are seeking for the tax trouble in Lexington, KY.  We know that you continue to put things like this off until, boom, your bank account has a tax levy on it.  Don’t wait until a tax levy has hit! Call us today for free tax advice in the Lexington area. Our tax attorneys in Lexington, KY will provide the support and understanding that you really need during these troubled times.  When you are too embarrassed to tell your friends and family about your back tax debt, we will be your rock of understanding and support.


We will also be able to provide the back tax relief you really need. Back tax relief in Lexington, KY should not be a hassle!  If your tax problems consist of the following: wage garnishments, tax liens or a tax levy, then call our expert tax attorneys to receive the back tax help you are seeking. Back tax help in Lexington, KY just got a whole lot more effective!

Tax Resolution Services Offered:

  • Free Consultations

  • Wage Garnishment Relief

  • Offer In Compromise

  • Installment Agreements

  • Penalty Abatement

  • Innocent Spouse Relief

  • Tax Lien & Levy Releases

  • Currently Non Collectible

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2333 Alexandria Drive

Lexington, KY 40504

The Name You Can Trust Since 2010

With years of experience in the tax industry, Internal Tax Resolution of Kentucky is the name you can trust when you need help from an expert tax attorney in Lexington or Louisville, KY. Throughout the years, we’ve worked with a variety of tax problems in Lexington, KY and we are well aware of how to provide commitment, to top-quality results, and superior customer service. Whether you’re experiencing personal tax issues, or you need business tax help, you can trust us to assign you with a tax attorney who will be able to assess your needs and deliver a tax resolution to meet them. Rather than continue to struggle with serious tax issues, just let Internal Tax Resolution in Lexington, KY find you the best tax resolution possible for your needs.


Providing Tax Relief to Residents and Businesses Throughout the Following Areas Since 2010: Lexington, KY; Georgetown, KY; Nicholasville, KY; Winchester, KY; Paris, KY; Frankfort, KY; Versailles, KY; Lawrenceburg, KY; Waddy, KY; Richmond, KY; Morehead, KY; Maysville, KY; Williamstown, KY, Louisville, KY

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2333 Alexandria Drive

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