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IRS Letters & Notices

Did you receive an IRS letter or notice in the mail? The best thing you can do is not ignore it and tend to it quickly! It does not always mean that you owe money, it could mean there has been a change to your account. However, don't hesitate to respond and if you are unsure what the IRS letter or notice is implying, by all means, give one of our  local offices of Internal Tax Resolution a call today for your free consultation! Ensure to read the IRS letter or notice carefully, as each letter contains a specific issue along with detailed instructions on what to do to resolve the tax issue. 

Some Reasons You Received an IRS Letter or Notice

  • You have a balance due

  • You are due a larger or smaller tax refund

  • The IRS has a question on your tax return

  • The IRS needs to verify your identity

  • The IRS requires additional information

  • There was a change on your tax return

  • Notification on any tax return delays 

IRS Scams

It's important to understand the method of the IRS contacting you. The IRS will never contact you via social media, email, text, phone call or any other means, other than an official IRS letter or IRS notice via snail mail. If something appears suspicious, feel free to contact and report it to the following IRS phone line 800-829-1040.  Read the letter carefully as it will contain valuable information, and as your tax attorneys and tax advocates, we want to make sure that you understand exactly what is expected of you by the IRS at the time of the letter or notice. Does your IRS letter contain a date to respond by? If so, please contact us prior to this date so that we can assist you timely to preserve your appeal rights! This also ensures that you might be able to avoid any penalties or interest. So call the team at Internal Tax Resolution to assist you with your IRS letter or notice right away! 

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