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Tax Liens & Levies

A Federal tax lien is a charge on your property also known as an encumbrance, which establishes a legal claim by the government. It does not result in the physical transfer of the taxpayer's property to the IRS. A tax levy allows the IRS to seize the taxpayer's property. An IRS tax levy is the actual action taken by the IRS to collect taxes. Yes, the IRS can issue a bank levy to obtain your cash in savings and checking accounts. Or the IRS can levy your wages or accounts receivable. Levies should be avoided at all costs if possible, and are typically the result of poor to no communication with the IRS. At Internal Tax Resolution we will be able to lift any tax lien or levy for you and go to battle on your behalf with our talented team of tax attorneys! Give us a call today for your Free Consultation! 

Federal Tax Liens

  • The IRS is required to give notice and demand for payment within 60 days

  • If the taxpayer does not pay, a federal tax lien arises and attaches to property and property rights 

  • Federal and state law are relevant in the determination of the effect on the taxpayer's property

  • Federal law determines whether the tax lien has validly attached

  • State law determines to what property the lien attaches

  • Notice of lien must be filed in the proper location as established by local law

IRS Bank Levies

When a financial institution receives a levy on a bank account, it cannot surrender the money until 21 calendar days after the levy has been served against the taxpayer. The 21 day waiting period provides the taxpayer the opportunity to notify the IRS and correct any errors regarding the taxpayer's account. This is the time to call our team at Internal Tax Resolution and discuss your options with one of our tax attorneys located in one of our 43 local offices across the U.S. Our tax attorneys will be able to file an extension of the 21 day period and can be granted by the Area Director if there is a legitimate dispute regarding the tax owed. During the 21 day waiting period, the levy can be released! Don't waste precious time anymore, give our team a call today to help you with your tax levy or tax lien. We offer Free Consultations so no need to hesitate!


If you received a Notice of Intent to Levy this means the IRS is required to notify you the taxpayer of its intent to levy on your salary, wages, or other property, at least 30 days prior to the actual levy. This is done through a Letter 1058 and states that this is the final notice of intent to levy. So please time is of the essence give our office a call today to help you stop the IRS! We will provide you with the peace of mind you deserve!

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