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Enrolled Agent

An Enrolled Agent (EA) is a tax professional that is neither an accountant nor a tax attorney. An Enrolled Agent can be former IRS officer or tax examiner and who are now in practice to represent taxpayers before the IRS. The Enrolled Agents staffed with Internal Tax Resolution harbor a successful track record of settling Offer in Compromise cases. All of our Enrolled Agents (EA's) are all members in good standing with the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers. The ASTPS is a non-profit professional association. The EA's at Internal Tax Resolution must pass a 3-part comprehensive IRS test covering details for individual and business tax returns or must be experienced and qualified as a former IRS agent. Give our team a call today for your Free Consultation to get started with a Fresh Start Program or other tax debt reducing programs offered.  

Facts About Enrolled Agents (EA's)

  • Must adhere to ethical standards

  • Must pass a 3-part comprehensive IRS test

  • Unlimited practice rights

  • Unrestricted on which taxpayers they can represent

  • Unrestricted on what types of tax matters they can handle

  • Unrestricted on which IRS office they can represent taxpayers before

  • Must complete 72 hours of continuing education courses every 3 years

Professional Enrolled Agents

Finding a tax professional can be challenging, and trying to find a qualified, and ethical tax professional can be even more challenging!  The team at Internal Tax Resolution are proud to employ only the finest and elite Enrolled Agents across the country! Ensuring that top-quality for our clients is our number one priority. Our professional Enrolled Agents exude confidence in solving tax problems and proficient in Offer in Compromises that can get rejected from time to time for taxpayers. Our track record and history in solving taxpayers back tax debt is far from subpar. Our tax professional Enrolled Agents are empathic and morally equipped to help out taxpayers from the IRS. At Internal Tax Resolution we are proud to employ Enrolled Agents along with our extensive team of tax attorneys and tax consultants, we are your full-service tax advocates, when your tax problems become a hassle. Our firm and staff members come highly recommended in solving tax problems such as Offer in Compromise, Fresh Start Programs and more! Give one of our 43 office locations a call today for your Free Consultation! 

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