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Federal Back Tax Relief

If you are suffering from Federal back tax debt, then perhaps the Fresh Start program or Offer in Compromise can help! Our tax consultants, tax attorneys and Enrolled Agents at Internal Tax Resolution are here to assist you, and provide you with any Federal back tax relief you need. Don't let the IRS bully you any more! Let's stop any wage garnishments in effect or pending pertaining to your Federal back tax debt. The IRS offers many programs for Federal back tax relief, to find out if you are eligible, give one of our 40+ offices a call today for your Free Consultation! Qualifications are fast, easy and affordable! Don't wait, as penalties and interest will accrue! Let's get you settled with Federal back tax relief once and for all. Don't fall for scam tax firms offering Federal back tax relief with "pennies on the dollar" gimmicks, our team of tax professionals, and A+ rating with the BBB are highly qualified in saving you money with a tax resolution that works! So give us a call today! 

IRS Back Tax Relief Programs:

  • Fresh Start Program

  • Offer in Compromise

  • Installment Agreements

  • Innocent Spouse Relief

  • Currently Not Collectable

  • Wage Garnishment Relief

  • Penalty Abatement


IRS Back Tax Relief

At Internal Tax Resolution we are basically working for you to offer you the best possible options available for any IRS back tax relief.  As long as you have filed all of your back taxes, and now you have received a letter from the IRS regarding what you owe, we can settle that tax debt and get you a fresh start, with the many forgiveness programs available to taxpayers. Our tax consultants, tax attorneys and Enrolled Agents are here to make a difference in your life for the better, and to assist you in your time of need.  Our team at Internal Tax Resolution is empathetic, and understanding to your financial demands, and offer low payment options that will work with anyone's budget. Stop suffering from IRS back taxes, and get the relief you need today from our tax professionals! Don't attempt to settle your tax debt dilemma alone, our tax professionals will be able to reduce or completely eliminate your back tax debt for you!  Our experienced IRS tax attorneys keep up with the latest state laws and regulations with ongoing seminars and training courses throughout the year. This continued education is to better equip them for their battle against the IRS.  Our tax consultants will help to work with you, and your assigned tax attorney to determine what agreement will work best and assist you with required documents for rapid relief. So call us today for your Free Consultation! 

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